Oh, Spring! Come quick…ly!

When I opened my eyes today mid-morning, the sun was shining through my windows. The sun! Which I haven’t seen in, like  a week! Yes! We had sunshine in Germany!

You can even smell the first peek of spring in the air – you know, the undescribable fragrance of new leaves and sun and fresh dirt.

I wouldn’t be too optimistic, though, because even though it is alteady April and Maifest is in, like, three weeks, the weather is obviously being crazy this year (okay, particularily crazy this year) and we’ll probably have two weeks of spring before we jump right into summer with its 30 degrees Celsius.

Maybe this is all because of global warming (goodbye Gulf Stream, hello cold) or maybe the weather is just moody. Whatever it is, please, please, Spring, come as quickly as you can!



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