Apropos Blue Bloods…

I, um, just ordered Keys to the Repository. And the U.S. edition of Misguided Angel ’cause I’m kinda OCD when it comes to editions of a series. See, the only U.K. copy I own from the Blue Bloods series is Misguided Angel and I couldn’t longer stand it…

But on the bright side, MA doesn’t count to my SuB because I already read it. It’s just another edition. So I can justify that purchase. What I can’t, however, justify is the fact that I ordered KttR… I will, however, count that as the other end of my 5-1 bargain. It’s just that I got my reward prematurely…

Ahhh!! I really need to hold on with my dear life to my TBR Pile Reduction Plan!!!

Oh, and guess what? Gossip Girl is finally available as an ebook! (There was some Überprüfung thingy going on)


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